Singapore – Day 1

Good morning and welcome to day 2 in Singapore. Now that I woke up for this, I can summarize what happened yesterday. Well.. last night, after we finished studying, our host took us to this huge mall, called Sim-Lim, which has 5 full floors one main theme: electronics. Anything you want – you can find here. In Israel people prepared for the fact that Singapore is much-much cheaper that the US or Israel, and thus this IS the place to buy gadgets. And Sim-Lim is the place to be. Think of it as it was Shuk Hacarmel, but only electronics stores. All brands from all kinds. New and old. I finished my tour with one buy: An external 250GB WD HD, 2.5". That cost me something like 200 US$.

When we were done with that, we were taken to a river-side Singapore restaurant by our hostess and her husband, both working at VeriFone Singapore. The food was mainly consisted of seafood. Specifically squids (in brown sugar and rice – excellent), red crabs, the size of your arm (was perfect) in a spicy gravy, and prawns (I could swear that the tempura was made with humus). I also drank a coconut drink out of a white coconut (which was absolutely amazing). Consider that we had a great company, and VeriFone paid for the whole thing, and you get a perfect meal.. 🙂

Of course there is also the issue of the local branch of "Hooters". We didn't go in for now, but at least I got a photo. I think I will need check this branch further this week…


We finished the day at 23:00, tired. We saw on the way that 10 minutes walk from our hotels, we have Chinatown bars, and we think about trying them today. Also, it seems that we might have Thursday off fro traveling, since it is an Indian national holiday, and there's supposed to be a big festival in Little India. According to one of our trained customers (an Indian girl), it should be pretty crowded. So I might be reporting from that as well.


One detail I owe from yesterday, according to Ira and Danielle – the beer I drank is called Tiger. It was nice. Unfortunately for me, most draft beers in Singapore are lagers, which are pretty light. The advantage is, that you can start drinking at noon.. 🙂

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